Chaos For A Little While

Everything feels chaotic at the moment. Nothing is routine, it’s all up in the air.

We are getting close to the finishing work on our new house, but now it seems as if there are a million things to do at the same time.

I am now officially a supervisor at work and I don’t know what that means on top of what I was already doing.

I keep trying to stay away from mindlessly browsing the internet, but every day I fail at it.

Things are changing and if experience has taught me anything it’s that there will be a period of chaos. It might not last for long, but it will be a struggle.

What history hasn’t told me is whether the chaos is real, or all in my head. I am willing to admit that there might not be anything that is truly out of hand, but it appears so to me.

Eventually things will get better and I won’t be able to remember how frustrating this period is.

Eventually, I will decide to do it all over again.

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