Short Stories

Double Feature

Imagine you could hear people’s thoughts. Donna Stone doesn’t have to imagine. For most of her life she has done her best to ignore what other people are thinking until one day she can’t. She is the only one who knows what they are planning and if she doesn’t stop them no one will.

A man stands on a hill. He has a secret that no one will ever believe. He is torn between telling a reporter everything and risking the trouble that may follow and wanting to know what her reaction will be. Whatever he decides it may already be too late to do anything about it.

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The Forgotten

He came to the city for a better life. His parents came to find out what happened to him.

Harlan Potts has the answers but do they want to hear them? Harlan knows that what he has to tell them may break their hearts but they have paid him to do a job and he is a man of his word. No matter what the cost, he intends to tell them the truth.

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Left Behind

Zombies Everywhere

Samantha, Michael and their daughters have managed to remain in their London flat since the outbreak. But things change. The building is no longer safe and they have no option except to leave. Michael has a plan, but along the way they get separated and Samantha finds herself alone. For the first time. With thousands of zombies trying to kill her. She tries to make it on her won, but she always relied on Michael to take charge at times like this. Now she has to learn how to look after herself or she will never see her family again.

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Elder Ones

Blind, naked, with ancient runes burned into his flesh. No one knows what happened to him

A man arrives in the middle of nowhere to interview Patrick. He wants to know what happened in the city buried beneath the desert and how he came to be the only survivor of his party. He has questions about what they found down there and Patrick has answers.

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Miracle Cure

They won’t even let her die

When Alanah is in an accident her wealthy family aren’t willing to let her die the way that Spencer knows she would want. The only person who can keep her from a fate worse than death is him, but does he have what it takes to say goodbye to his wife forever?

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All she wanted was a nice quiet apocalypse

Louise makes the mistake of running out of water. She finds a farm, but the men who control it won’t help. Not only that, but they are holding a group of women prisoners. Louise tries to ignore their struggle and focus on her own problems, but when one of the women asks for her help, she is forced to confront her own past.

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Not Quite Dead

Devastated by the death of her brother the last thing Joanie needs is for him to rise from the dead seeking revenge.

Joanie is nine years old and she didn’t didn’t mean to kill Ben, but she knows it was her fault. Judging by the way her parents look at her, they know it as well. On the day of the funeral, Joanie gets her chance to earn forgiveness and prove that she’s more than just a little kid, but the stakes have never been higher.

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Eat to live and live to eat

Tanya is so fat that she might die. After a near miss she vows to lose weight. She does everything the nurses tell her to do, eats right and gets exercise. Even her husband is trying to help her. But nothing seems to work. Can she work out why she keeps gaining weight? And will she be able to accept the truth when she sees it? If she can’t then she will end up eating herself to death… or worse.

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Bad Dreams

Memories can be deceiving

It’s the end of a long shift and all he wants is to get home and spend the last of the day with his family. But things are not what they seem. The reality of the situation his him hard. He fights against it with a burning passion because accepting it, means losing everything that he loves in the world.

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The past is the present is the past

Jacob survived the virus that wiped out most of humanity, but he can’t leave the past where it belongs. Tormented by nightmares, the only option seems to be returning to the source of it all and facing up to what he has done. But the past is complicated and he soon realises that putting it behind him won’t be as straight forward as he thought. If he can’t come to terms with what he has done and what he must do, his sanity and the lives of the people he loves may be forfeit.

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Tony has a secret in his basement

He thinks he has done a good job of keeping it hidden, but the two detectives at his front door, with a search warrant, suggests he’s wrong. He has no choice other than to show them around and hope he can convince them they’re mistaken. If they find the secret in his basement they will lock him up and throw away the key.

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Payback is a bitch

Walter is suspended from boarding school and sent home early. He feels little remorse for what he did and is just looking forward to the summer holidays starting so he can see his friends again. As boredom leads to frustration he finds himself taking it out on all the wrong people and if he doesn’t pull himself together he will find that some victims bite back.

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The last man on Earth has company

He has been alone since she died. Since they all died. He wants to believe that there are other people out there, but the evidence suggests that isn’t the case. He comes to accept that he is the only one left, until the morning when he wakes up to find that it has snowed and there are footprints beneath his window. He follows them in the hope of finally finding other people like him, but the longer the chase goes on, the more he questions what he is seeing and his own sanity.

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Last One To Die

Beware the hand of friendship in an unfriendly world

Tim has spent most of his life in servitude to a cruel master, but what is the alternative? Even his master’s viscious hand is better than starving to death in the wilderness. When he meets two men from New Haven, who are willing to help him, Tim is eager to accept. But he finds out too late that the cost might be more than he is willing to pay.

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The Stranger

They won’t let him go without a fight

Jack wants to escape from his past. So far he has managed to get away from The Militia but they have sent a bounty hunter who will stop at nothing to bring him back. When he encounters a group of nomads he believes that he will be safe, but they are unwilling to accept him until they need to be saved from the problems he has caused them. The wilderness is a dangerous place and Jack knows only too well that he won’t survive for long without their help.

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Son of the Sea

His past is catching up with him

Tiboth escaped the monastic discipline of Chen-Strary, called towards the mainland by an unknown force. He is shipwrecked and washes up on the island of Deerhold where a man named Aodhan takes him in and treats him like family. But the Elders of Chen-Strary aren’t willing to let him go them without a struggle. If Tiboth doesn’t face his past, the Aodhan and his family will be the ones to pay the price.

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Acts of Revenge

They have never bullied someone like him before

Alex wants a friend. At home his mum is too busy to spend time with him and at school he is being bullied. Then one day he finds a rat called Thomas and everything changes, because the rat can talk. And the rat wants revenge.

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The Web of Despair

D.I.Y. never hurt anyone, she said. Which showed how much she knew

Billy and his girlfriend Rebecca have moved into a new house. A “fixer-upper”. Billy wants to spend the weekend watching films and ignoring the mountains of DIY that needs to be done. But Rebecca has other ideas. Reluctantly he gets to work but, while digging in the garden, they disturb something terrible and their lives are changed forever.

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The Depths

The end comes from beneath the water

Gary, his wife Emily and their daughter Vicki, live on a house boat. It means that he can work from home and still make enough money to look after his family. But keeping them safe becomes a lot harder when a storm brings monsters up from the water. Gary and his family try to hide, and then to run away, but in the end he has no choice but to fight. And if he doesn’t win, they are all as good as dead.

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Change is coming

The zombie apocalypse is a dangerous place. They are able to avoid the monsters, but eventually their supplies run out. If he wants to keep her alive then he has no choice but to venture into the city and find food. But he has been sheltered and has no idea what waits for him in the ruins of the old world. If he ever makes it home again, then he stands to lose more than his life.

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The Long Way Home

Words coldn’t hurt him but stones sure could

Christian only wanted to buy some milk and get home before the storm broke. If he hadn’t encountered the boys on bikes then he might have made it. They started by calling him names and progressed to throwing stones. It wasn’t long before he was running for his life.

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The Dust

Only the useful will survive

Nick and Clara only want to stay alive for as long as they can, but The Matter Plant sweeps the land and it is only a matter of time before they are found and deemed useless. They eek out a nomadic existence in the scorched Earth, always watching, always waiting for their time to come. Until they meet Jed who offers them the hope of something more, IF they can make a final stand against the machine. If they refuse or fail, then they, and what remains of humanity, will be destroyed forever.

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The Rescue

The Dead are coming

Sam wants to stay out of trouble and avoid the zombie apocalypse. So far he’s done a pretty good job of it. Until the night that he hears her screaming. Fearing for his own safety, he goes to investigate and finds himself drawn into her struggle. If he doesn’t get away then the zombies will kill them both. Or worse.

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Away From Home

The road ahead will be a hard one

When New Haven loses contact with the distant colony of Lambda they turn to Rachel for help. As a Rider she is used to travelling on the dangerous highway that winds through the desolate wastelands. As a Survivor she knows only too well the dangers that lay in wait. She isn’t sure what she expects to find when she reaches the colony, the best she can hope for is that she will arrive in one piece.

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Into the Night

Trust No One

Surviving has always been a challenge for Grace and her brother, Ben. When they are abandoned by their family, they can’t even rely on the restrictive security of New Haven to protect them. A kindly old woman seems like their best chance in the wilderness but, when she kidnaps Ben, Grace has to face her darkest fears or risk losing her brother forever.

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