The Ghouls

Nathan doesn’t believe in monsters. But people keep dying. If the ghouls aren’t responsible, then who is?

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Nathan Custer was a primary school teacher until the day his life changed forever. He survived the car crash that should have killed him, but it left him with plenty of scars. Not all of them visible.

Since the day he woke up in hospital Nathan has been seeing things.

Things that can’t be real.

Thanks to a court appointed psychiatrist he has learned to distinguish between fantasy and reality, but then he meets the ghouls.

Nathan doesn’t know whether they are real or not. If they are only a figment of his imagination, then how can he explain why people who know him keep turning up dead? When his ex-girlfriend goes missing, he has no choice but to face the truth. The only way to prove his sanity, and his innocence, is to find her.