About James Loscombe

I’m James Loscombe, author of horror, dark fantasy and apocalyptic fiction.

I have been writing stories since I was old enough to hold a pen and started publishing in 2013, shortly after the birth of my son. I have published over thirty titles under a variety of pen names. I am in the process of bringing back under my own name. Watch this space to find out when new / old titles get added to the list.

Abomination: is my take on a haunted house novel by way of Lovecraft.

City in the Fire: is the story of a woman trying to escape from a burning city. It contains elements of horror, the apocalypse and dark fantasy so it’s kind of a crossover book for me.

Evacuation Point: is the first in a post-apocalypse trilogy. The other two books (Escape Artist & Evasion Tactics) are written and have been published under a pen name. They should be added here in 2019.

The Ghouls: is a horror novel about a man who can’t be sure of the difference between reality and fantasy.

Patient Zero: is the first part of a Zombie Apocalypse trilogy. The second and third book (Zero Hour & Absolute Zero) are written and published under a pen name. The will be added her in 2019.

I also have a number of free short stories which you can read on the site, or on any of the major ebook platforms. There are some others which have already been written and will be published soon so keep an eye on this page to see when new content is added.

You might have come across social media profiles for me (I believe there are some out there that I haven’t been able to remove) but the truth is that I don’t use them anymore. If you are interested in what I’m doing then I occasionally put stuff on my blog.

I am a voracious reader and have been keeping a list of the books I read since 2015.

I love getting messages from readers, if you would like to get in touch then my email address is james.loscombe (at) gmail.com I read and reply to all messages, but please be patient with me, sometimes it takes me a while to check in.

If you would like to receive intermittent updates and copies of all my free books then you can sign up for my newsletter.

Hope to hear from you soon.