Payback is a bitch

Walter is suspended from boarding school and sent home early. He feels little remorse for what he did and is just looking forward to the summer holidays starting so he can see his friends again. But it turns out they aren’t allowed to see him because he’s a “bad influence”. He tries to occupy himself but that just leads to more trouble.

Worried that he is lonely, his parents bring home a dog, Darla, and tell him that it’s his responsibility to look after her. He doesn’t even like stupid dogs, but apparently it will benefit him somehow. As boredom leads to frustration he finds himself taking it out on all the wrong people and if he doesn’t pull himself together he will find that some victims bite back.

Payback is a story of revenge and justice. No animals were harmed in the writing of the story, but if you find scenes of cruelty to dogs distress you this probably isn’t the story you.