Month: October 2020

One Simple Trick To Reduce Internet Use

Sometimes I think I’m not really cut out for modern life. Particularly instant access to the internet. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to write with pen and paper rather than directly onto a screen.

I have tried loads of things to reduce the amount of time I spend online. I have used all the popular apps with limited success. There is only one thing that really works for me:


Here’s how I do it: Every morning I plan out my day by taking a page in my notebook and splitting it in four. Then at the bottom of each quarter I put a task called no surf and a number of minutes next to it. Today that was 64, 65, 66 and 67. I already have a timer set on my phone for the end of each quarter, which over the course of a work day are two hours each. At the beginning of each quarter I start a timer (for 64, 65, 66 or 67 minutes). The agreement I have made with myself is that until that timer goes off, I won’t use the internet.

It’s a low tech solution but the crazy thing is that it actually works.

Not Giving Up

The genius thing that we did was, we didn’t give up.

– Jay-Z

I have been thinking about this quote a lot recently. I think it is worth considering. I’m trying to make it as an author and, to be totally honest, I haven’t had a lot of success. I have been publishing on and off for the last seven years and I’m still nowhere near being able to support my family with it.

Honestly, I have considered giving up. I have even decided to give up, but somehow I keep coming back to it.

It seems that writing is something that I can’t give up. I don’t want to give it up.

There are things I can do differently and I’m working on those. I don’t know if they will have any impact, but I will try them anyway. If they work then good, if they don’t then I will just carry on.

The trick, I think, is not to do it because of some theoretical external reward. I might never be able to make a full time living as an author. It would be great, but it’s not the reason I’m writing these stories. I’m writing them because I enjoy the process and as long as I continue to enjoy it I will keep going.

Catching up on new releases

Long time no speak. Things have been pretty busy behind the scenes here but I am getting everything back under control. I have spent some of that time getting my releases for the rest of the year organised (as well as some new writing which I am very excited about, but more on that another time). Some of them are available now the rest will be out November and December.

The Vampire Next Door

It was supposed to be a fresh start but it would be their end

Adam and Debbie moved to a new house because they wanted a fresh start. They thought they would be happy there but they could not have predicted what would become of them. Until they arrived, they didn’t even think vampires were real.

Available NOW from:

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The Forgotten

He came to the city for a better life. His parents came to find out what happened to him.

Harlan Potts has the answers but do they want to hear them? Harlan knows that what he has to tell them may break their hearts but they have paid him to do a job and he is a man of his word. No matter what the cost, he intends to tell them the truth.

Available NOW from:

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Double Feature

Imagine you could hear people’s thoughts. Donna Stone doesn’t have to imagine. For most of her life she has done her best to ignore what other people are thinking until one day she can’t. She is the only one who knows what they are planning and if she doesn’t stop them no one will.

A man stands on a hill. He has a secret that no one will ever believe. He is torn between telling a reporter everything and risking the trouble that may follow and wanting to know what her reaction will be. Whatever he decides it may already be too late to do anything about it.

Available NOW from:

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Tales from the Shadows Volume 1

Strange things lurk in the shadows and not all of them remain there

Tales from the Shadows is a collection of thirteen thrilling short stories totalling more than 100,000 words.

Available NOW from:

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Tales from the Shadows Volume 2

Come walk in the shadows with me and see what horrors I will show you

Tales from the Shadows Volume 2 is a collection of fourteen thrilling short stories totalling more than 100,000 words.

Available on NOVEMBER 2nd. Pre-order now from:

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Four Stories Tall

Four stories to haunt your nightmares

Four Stories Tall is a collection of four thrilling novellas totalling more than 100,000 words.

Available on DECEMBER 7th. Pre-order now from:

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P.S. You might also notice that my website looks a bit different now. I am still playing around with designs so if you have any thoughts on the direction let me know.