Not Giving Up

The genius thing that we did was, we didn’t give up.

– Jay-Z

I have been thinking about this quote a lot recently. I think it is worth considering. I’m trying to make it as an author and, to be totally honest, I haven’t had a lot of success. I have been publishing on and off for the last seven years and I’m still nowhere near being able to support my family with it.

Honestly, I have considered giving up. I have even decided to give up, but somehow I keep coming back to it.

It seems that writing is something that I can’t give up. I don’t want to give it up.

There are things I can do differently and I’m working on those. I don’t know if they will have any impact, but I will try them anyway. If they work then good, if they don’t then I will just carry on.

The trick, I think, is not to do it because of some theoretical external reward. I might never be able to make a full time living as an author. It would be great, but it’s not the reason I’m writing these stories. I’m writing them because I enjoy the process and as long as I continue to enjoy it I will keep going.

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