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Zombie Apocalypse Trilogy

The zombies came and they tried to fight, but they never really stood a chance. Now the survivors are left to fend for themselves in a world that no longer makes sense.

Patient Zero

Zero Hour

Absolute Zero

End of the World Trilogy

The virus came and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. After the death and the violence those who remain look for a place where they will be safe but there are other forces that want to take advantage of the new world.

Evacuation Point

Evasion Tactics

Escape Artist

Standalone Novels

Abomination: Peter Gatgewood brought his family to Odamere for a fresh start, but memories of the past are not the only ghosts in the old vicarage. A horror story.

The Ghouls: Nathan Custer was a primary school teacher until the day his life changed forever. He survived the car crash that should have killed him, but it left him with plenty of scars. Not all of them visible. A horror story.

Sanctuary: Ben was raised on the canals of Sanctuary, a floating village that meant protection from the vampires. Since his father’s death he has been responsible for the place and its people. A horror story.

The Girl Who Dreamed The World: Trapped in a world that is not their own. The only way for them to get home is to find the girl who is dreaming this world. A fantasy story.


The Vampire Next Door: It was supposed to be a fresh start but it would be their end

Homefront: Getting home is only half the battle

Metal: They built the machines to fight each other, then the machines turned on them all

Swift Creek: At the end of the world a drifter comes to town

The Island: Her only hope is death and death has little interest in the living

The Impossible Sisters: Meet John Kable, professional bounty hunter

City in the Fire: There is an ancient evil lurking in the city and it’s just typical that today is the day somebody decides to do something about it


Tales from the Shadows Volume 1: Thirteen thrilling short stories

Tales from the Shadows Volume 2: Fourteen thrilling short stories

Four Stories Tall: Four short novels to haunt your dreams